Download the Ride in Style app and reserve
a town car from your phone

The Ride in Style application makes booking a town car or a sedan easy. You enter where you are, (or you just let your phone determine your current location), when you want to leave, and where you want to go. In seconds, the app gives you a quote. If you decide to book, just tap the book button, and within minutes we find you a limousine service that is available to fulfill your request. Once a driver has been identified, we send them your phone number, and their contact information shows on your screen. That way you can confirm or make special arrangements with them (for example for oversize luggage, or if you have a large party and would like a stretch limousine or an SUV).

Ride in Style is currently available on iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. If you want to be notified when we're ready to launch a new version, please click on your phone and enter your email address. When we're ready to release Ride in Style for your phone, you'll be the first to know! You can also book from our mobile site at

Other mobile phone platforms

The four phone platforms above are currently the only platforms we are working on. If you think we've missed yours, please let us know at or book from our mobile website at