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Pinpoint Pickup began in 2009 with a vision: using smart phones to make ground transportation easier and more efficient for both customers and transport companies. The three co-founders set to work building the technology and reaching out to limousine services. We are committed to continued growth and refinement as we respond to customer needs. We started with town car companies, and we are open to exploring other venues of improving transportation.

The company is based in the greater Seattle area. We are actively expanding our service area, ultimately serving most major US and international cities. We currently serve Seattle, Los Angeles, Orange County, the San Francisco Bay Area, New York (beta), Dallas/Fort Worth (beta), Boston, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Tucson, and we are adding more service areas all the time.


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Pinpoint Pickup
15600 Redmond Way, Suite 101
Redmond, WA 98052

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Phone: (949) 371-9717 (Click here to book a ride)
Fax: (866) 856-9535

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